ASC Conference 2015

March 20-22, 2015

The ASC Conference 2015 addressed the divergence of regulations among the various solar car competitions and desire to converge regulations for solar car teams to feasibly compete in more events. The inspectors presented information on technical consideration for solar car teams.

Overall, the conference was immensely helpful and a wonderful way for everyone in the solar car community to come together.

We would like to thank ASC for putting the event together, the University of Michigan team for hosting the event and everyone that came.

We look forward to future conferences!


ASC and FSGP 2014

July 14-28, 2014

Thank you everyone for making our participation at the ASC/FSGP 2014 possible! We would like to especially thank our sponsors for supporting us throughout the years. Thank you to Freescale Semiconductor and SunPower for coming out to the track and supporting the team.

We raced with TexSun, our car from 2013. Since FSGP 2013, we mostly improved the suspension, aerodynamics and aesthetics of the car. We came in 9th place at FSGP and obtained provisional qualification for ASC. Unfortunately, we need to work on our racing strategy for future road trips. More details on results can be found here.

We would also like to thank the solar car teams for coming together and helping each other out.

We have learned so much. Again, thank you for the wonderful opportunity. We look forward to FSGP 2015 and unveiling our new car for ASC/FSGP 2016.


UTSVT in the Media

We’ve been pretty busy this year, and have been featured by numerous media outlets. So if you’d like to get a taste of what it’s like to be on the team, or what it’s like to compete in the Formula Sun Grand Prix on the Circuit of the Americas, check out the links below!

UTSVT at FSGP 2013
Building TexSun
Translogic video about FSGP
Interview with some of the team members on KOOP, Austin community radio


With the success of Formula Sun Grande Prix behind us, we look forward to competing in the American Solar Challenge in 2014. It has just been confirmed that the qualifying track portion of the event will once again take place in Austin, TX at the Circuit of the Americas, and the ~1500 mile road race will start in the Austin area! 25 teams have already signed up to attend the event, so if you missed FSGP this year, with over twice as many participating teams, 2014 looks like it will be even better!

ASC 2014 Information Page


Following soon after Earth Day, this was a welcome surprise for us. Congratulations to the entire UTSVT for winning the Greenest Organization on Campus Swing Out Award! Special Thanks to Twinkle, Neda and Ajinkya for making this happen!



Thank you COTA!

We would like to thank the Circuit of the Americas for becoming our newest sponsors and extend a special thanks to Bobby Epstein for making this happen. To read more about their generous sponsorship, please read the article posted on Cockrell College of Engineering. Nothing can stop TexSun from competing successfully in FSGP 2013!

UPDATE: Here is another article, this time from Austin Statesman talking about this sponsorship offer in detail.


Thank you Alfe!

We’re well on our way to completing TexSun for FSGP 2013. Thanks to Alfe Heat Treating we’ve gotten our welded aluminum frame heat treated back to a T6 temper and we’re ready to start putting the mechanical systems together. Special thanks to Dan Anderson and Kurt Westman for making this possible!


We are on air!

We hope you are excited about the rayce coming up in June, because people are beginning to take notice! This bit which aired on Monday (02/18/2013) shows Dr. Hallock, Fred, Benton and Neda. To read the entire article go to the Fox Austin website.


Thanks, SOFEC!

UTSVT would like to thank our friends Rick Hall, Brent Konstanzer, and Bob Sanabria at SOFEC, our newest sponsor. We are currently building our latest car, TexSun, and their generous donation will help us purchase parts like a braking system, high efficiency motors, low rolling resistance tires, and suspension components that will help us be competitive in the next American Solar Challenge.


Thanks Cirrus!

UTSVT would like to thank Cirrus Logic for becoming our most recent large sponsor. Thanks to their kind donations we now have an awesome sound system for the Samsung Solorean, which is great for events like ExploreUT. Cirrus is also helping fund our future car, TexSun, that is currently in the design phases.