The University of Texas Solar Vehicles Team is a student-led organization that designs, builds, tests, and races solar vehicles. Our mission is to raise awareness of solar powered alternatives, apply concepts learned in the classroom, and bring solar power closer to practicality. We are an interdisciplinary group that welcomes students from all majors.

We build cars that are completely solar powered and enter them in both local and national competitions. The UT Solar Vehicles Team was founded in 1989, and advancements in our work has only been increasing. Currently, we are designing BeVolt, our newest car, to enter into the 2018 American Solar Challenge. Our previous vehicles, the TexSun (2013-2016) and the Samsung Solorean (2009-2012) successfully competed in the Formula Sun Grand Prix and American Solar Challenges.

In addition to participating in races, the team is heavily involved in outreach events to educate the general public about alternative energy and its applications.

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