Join the Team

Interested in renewable energy? Want to learn more about electrical and mechanical systems? Just want to get involved with an awesome project? Then join the UT Solar Vehicles Team! All UT students are welcome, and joining is as easy as showing up and being willing to help out with a project. We're in the process of getting our newest car, the BeVolt, ready for the race this summer, so there's a lot going on to get involved with. To find out when and where things are going on, join the mailing list. Questions about ways you can help? Our faculty advisor, Dr. Gary Hallock, can get you in touch with current team members who can help you get involved. Our on-campus location was in ENS 416 (electrical engineering building), but it was demolished in fall 2014 to make way for the EERC, scheduled to open in 2017. We are currently located at the Pickle Research Campus in the Electrical Engineering Research Lab (Building 16, Room 19). Generally, we use our Pickle campus location for our workdays and final assembly of vehicle systems. There will be on-campus team and design meetings, so be sure to check our mailing list! A lot goes into building a solar car, and so there's something in it for everyone. On the mechanical team there is a lot of metal working, machining, and design of chassis, suspension, steering, and brake system components. On the electrical team, there's electronics design and fabrication, power system design, and software design to make all the systems interconnect. On the body team, we build composite pieces of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber to make the car aerodynamic and provide structure to the array. Besides engineering, another important goal of the team is to spread awareness and educate the public about renewable energy through our outreach events. We attend on-campus events such as Explore UT and the Edison Lecture Series, as well as off-campus events at conferences and K-12 schools to teach people about renewable energy.