The Manufacturing Team is responsible for building and maintaining the cars, ensuring that designs are manufacturable.  This includes machining the metal suspension components, creating the molds for the carbon fiber body, laying up composites, and soldering components for circuit boards.

Manufacturing Team Lead: Thomas Madden

Mechanical Manufacturing

Team Lead: Kyle Massey


Electrical Manufacturing

Team Lead: Kian Lane

The team is responsible for taking schematic, PCB layout, and CAD designs and turning them into physical electrical hardware for the vehicle. We document, build, test, and debug all things electrical so that our design teams can spend more time doing what they do best… designing!

Composites Manufacturing

Team Lead: Sihyung

Bevolt features a carbon fiber monocoque, which requires a rigorous design including analysis, simulation, and physical validation. The more advanced materials present challenges not normally encountered when designing a traditional aluminum or steel chassis. The team is definitely up for the challenge, incorporating our own ideas with advice from industry professionals.