The Mechanical Team is responsible for the design,and validation of all of the vehicle’s mechanical systems. These systems include the vehicle’s chassis, forward and rear suspension, steering, braking, and other mechanical components. The primary highlight of BeVolt’s mechanical systems is the composite monocoque chassis. The monocoque design allows BeVolt to reduce the vehicle’s overall weight and aerodynamic drag through more efficient, compact designs. Other changes from the previous vehicle include a four-wheel wheelbase with a dual hub-motor powertrain, an asymmetrical driver position, and a revamped thermal packaging system for the battery enclosure.

Mechanical Team Lead & Design Engineer: Roland Ip


Team Lead: Jack Luong

         The design for BeVolt’s body features improved streamlining for greater aerodynamic advantage. The driver is offset to be in-line with the fairing in order to reduce frontal section area. Tighter packaging and the structural challenges of a carbon fiber monocoque have led to multiple creative solutions and design innovations.

Battery Enclosure

Team Lead: Felipe Quijano-Ortiz

         The hot summer days here in central Texas present challenging thermal conditions for any solar vehicle. To achieve better efficiency and higher performance, BeVolt features a robust battery ventilation system that can keep the vehicle operating safely and effectively under load. A solution that integrates heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and structural analysis exposes our multifaceted team to many aspects of mechanical engineering.


Team Lead: Daniel Liao

        Primarily focused on the interactions between BeVolt and its single occupant, the ergonomics team is focused primarily on the interior systems of the vehicle. Properly integrating the driver can make the difference down the stretch in the endurance races in which BeVolt competes. Considerations such as field of view, safety, and driver comfort ensure that the vehicle serves its ultimate purpose, to transport the occupant over his or her entire journey.


Team Lead: Brian Tran

        Our job is essentially to make sure the car doesn’t shake so much that parts loosen or break when the ride gets bumpy. We also provide the driver with a smoother, more comfortable driving experience. As a team, we work a lot in CAD models for 3D design. Extensive communication and collaboration is required to ensure that all the components we create individually function together as an assembled system.