The Samsung Solorean is UTSVT’s second-newest car and served as the model car for the team’s many outreach events until TexSun was completed. It was named for UTSVT’s biggest sponsor, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, and for the iconic DeLorean in “Back to the Future”. Design was begun at the beginning of 2007 and construction was completed in June 2008. It was built as the successor to Solar Steer, the team’s entry into the 2006 North American Solar Challenge. Solorean was originally built to compete in the 2008 NASC, but it was not completed in time. Its maiden race was the 2009 Formula Sun Grande Prix held in Cresson, TX. Solorean also competed in the 2010 Formula Sun Grande Prix and the 2010 American Solar Challenge.


  • Steel Chassis Frame
  • Carbon-fiber body shell
  • SunPower A-300 Silicon Monocrystalline Solar Cells – 1218.3 W power output
  • Brushless Permanent Magnet Electric Motor
  • Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Built to compete in North American Solar Challenge ’08

Completed Races:


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