UT solar vehicles feature an advanced and constantly evolving computing network designed by Dr. Jim Wiley.

In our car that is currently being developed, BeVolt, our software projects are all centered around one common theme, race strategy. The projects that this encompasses are:

Data Acquisition: In our car, data acquisition is done by programming a set of sensors to accurately grab and preprocess data into understandable forms that can be sent out via telemetry to our pit team

Back End Web Development and Data Networking: This is what carries out the transfer of the packets between the telemetry system and the computers that deal with and process the data we have acquired.

Database Design and Management: This is important for handling how we store our data in a way that makes it really easy to dig up, search through, and process in our models for race strategy

Machine Learning and Data Science: This is what makes up the core of our race strategy. The team members working on this use things like regression to make mathematical models that predict how well the car performs under certain conditions, and are even using classification algorithms to try and predict call failures or abnormalities.

Front End Data Visualization: This is an important project that allows us to get a view of things like the status of the dashboard in the car and graphs depicting what our are models are predicting